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Home Automation Toronto

It’s important to have a proper security system for your home, regardless of how safe you may think your neighborhood may be. Over the past decade, home security systems have become quite advanced putting up a strong obstacle for potential burglars and intruders. Today, many homeowners have switched to complete home automation in Toronto which essentially programs your home to cater to your preference, while still offering a sound security system for the home.

Toronto home automation systems can offer you and your family added protection, even when there’s no one at home. A few examples of how our home automation in Toronto works include the following;

  • You can choose to have your Toronto home automation system turn on the lights in theĀ corridor, turn on the TV to your preferred channel and turn up the heating right when you switch off the alarm system.
  • If your child arrives home from school and turns off the alarm system, a message is immediately sent to your phone with a picture of your child walking in.
  • If you’ve been away from home for a few days and just arriving back, you can have the heating turn on at the right time to ensure the home is warmed up for your arrival.

The majority of electrical components in a home are linked together in a Toronto home automation system and it really makes things easier for you. An elderly person may have trouble getting around the home for simple things such as turning down the heater, switching off lights, checking the door to see who rang the bell, etc.

With our superior home automation in Toronto, everything can be done from your fingertips. Additionally, your television is programmed to automatically show a live feed of your front door camera when someone rings the bell.

In the long run, a Toronto home automation system can reduce your electricity costs, as both your heating and lighting are programmed to work in the most economical manner. The lights in a room are switched off when it is not occupied and proper temperature controls provide just the right amount of heating and cooling for the home. Additionally, if you are going away on vacation, our Toronto home automation system can turn lights on and off in various rooms at different times to give the illusion that someone is actually home.

Any time is the best time to install home automation in Toronto , when your home is being built or when a majority of your home is being renovated or you moved in brand new home. This is because, home automation can be done with wiring or it can be wirelessly. With baby boomers reaching retirement age, it is becoming more of a necessity to have proper home automation in Toronto.

When you have home automation work done to your home, it may be a good idea to revamp the home theatre experience as well, with one of our Toronto audio video distribution systems. With an audio and video distribution system, you will be able to give your entire home a complete home theatre experience, without having individual audio/video equipment in each room.

With our Toronto audio video distribution system, all your equipment will be at one spot while the audio and video cables are fed to each room. None of the wiring will be visible as everything is hid behind the wall. Due to the amount of wiring work required, it is always best to have this done when you are either renovating or building a home.

There are a number of benefits to choosing our Toronto audio video distribution system as you don’t need several DVD or Blu-Ray players in the home, saves space in each room and everything is controlled from one center touchpad. When combined with home automation, our Toronto audio video distribution system will do wonders for you. You will have complete control over every aspect of your home right at your fingertips!
Abbas Asgharzadeh

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